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          首頁   船舶   IMO FTPC Part 5:表面可燃性測試

          IMO FTPC Part 5:表面可燃性測試

          IMO FTPC Part 5:表面可燃性測試
          IMO FTPC Part 5: Test for surface flammability


          Field of application

          Surface materials for bulkheads and ceilings and similar exposed surfaces, floor coverings艙壁、天花板和甲板表面



          Bulkhead, wall and ceiling linings

          Floor coverings

          CFE Qsb Qt Qp

          Kw/m2 MJ/m2 MJ kW

          CFE Qsb Qt Qp

          Kw/m2 MJ/m2 MJ kW

          ≥20 ≥1.5 ≤0.7 ≤4.0

          ≥7.0 ≥0.25 ≤2.0 ≤10.0


          Where CFE: Critical flux at extinguishment 熄滅時臨界熱輻射量

          Qsb: Heat for sustained burning 持續燃燒熱值

          Qt: Total heat release 熱釋放總值

          Qp: Peak heat release rate 熱釋放峰值

          The test is terminated when any one of the following is applicable;

          1.The specimen fails to ignite after a 10 minute exposure

          2.Three minutes have pass since all flaming from the specimen ceased.

          3.Flaming reaches the end of the specimen or self extinguishes and thus ceases to progress along the specimen. This criterion is only used when heat release measurements are not being made.

          4.In the case of floorcoverings, the test shall be terminated after 40 minutes.


          IMO MSC 61(67) FTPC – 相關測試標準

          IMO FTPC Part 1: Non-combustibility test 不燃物測試

          IMO FTPC Part 2: Smoke and toxicity test 煙霧毒性測試

          IMO FTPC Part 4: Test for fire door control systems 防火門控制系統測試

          IMO FTPC Part 5: Test for surface flammability 表面燃燒試驗

          IMO FTPC Part 6: Test for primary deck coverings 主要甲板覆蓋物測試

          IMO FTPC Part 7: Test for vertically supported textiles and films 垂直放置的紡織物料和覆膜測試

          IMO FTPC Part 8: Test for upholstered furniture 軟墊家具測試

          IMO FTPC Part 9: Test for bedding components 床上用品測試

          ISO 9705 and ISO 5660: Test for fire-restricting materials for high-speed craft 高速船舶防火材料



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